New fighters from G.I. Joe coming to Brawlhalla

New fighters from G.I. Joe coming to Brawlhalla

Today, Ubisoft has announced that Brawlhalla will be adding two new fighters to its roster. These two newcomers are Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe, available as epic crossovers.

Aside from these new playable characters, a new event including a new map for the game mode Showdown, called Arashikage Dojo, will be added as well. This map will also be featured in Brawl of the Week. The Arashikage Showdown is a battle between four players fight against each other with traps and pressure plates found spread across the map. The player who gets the highest score within three minutes will win the showdown, so using these traps and pressure plates is essential to win.

Other G.I. Joe-themed in-game items will also be added with this new event.  Check out the official game site for more info on these new characters and the new crossover event.

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