New free DLC for The Surge!

New free DLC for The Surge!

Today, a new free DLC for The Surge has been released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Paired with this released, the game and all of its DLCs are now up to 75% off on Steam and Xbox One.

This DLC pack called “The Cutting Edge Pack” will grant you 3 new armor sets that provide various amounts of useful boons when worn in their entirety. This also provides 3 devastating new weapons and 3 brand new jumpsuits. The three new armor sets are called ANGEL, ASCLEPIUS and the NANO WARD. The ANGEL will grant faster attack speeds, better energy gain and harder impacts on CODENAME weapons. ASCLEPIUS is meant for assisting an army having regenerative powers for allies and yourself while the NANO WARD will give your blocks some serious explosive power, when timed right.

The three new weapons that are added by this DLC are the Dark Star, The Engelhart and the BioN J-1, codenamed Last Aid. These new weapons are prototypes with the latest technology for blue-sky projects that may never see the light of day. These weapons haven’t been safety-tested so watch out! The Dark Star creates a containment field that wreaks havoc on your enemies. The Engelhart is a boost tool that can becomes searing hot at any moment of your desire. Potentially dangerous to wielder as well as your enemies, this weapon requires some skill and practice to handle. Last Aid is a surgical tool that was supposed to be used in medical hospitals but now it is known for a weapon of carnage!

After installation, you will encounter six new enemies in Abandoned Production, Executive Forum and Nucleus which you have to defeat to acquire your new toys. Download the DLCs now and acquire your newly added gear!

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