New gameplay trailer released for King of Seas

New gameplay trailer released for King of Seas

In celebration of tomorrow’s ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’, developer 3DClouds have revealed the first gameplay trailer and further information on their upcoming pirate action RPG game, King of Seas. Set in a procedurally generated game world, King of Seas transports you into an environment where you can choose your own path, explore new islands, interact with intriguing characters and go head to head with some of the most feared pirates in history.

What sets King of Seas apart from other games in the genre is that each playthrough is a new and exciting adventure when you set off from shore. The dynamic world will react to your every action, constantly adapting and throwing new challenges your way. Naval routes will change with each conquered settlement, the difficulty will adapt as you progress through your quests, and changes in weather will play a big part in your navigation and combat strategy.

Pirate ships are also more than just a vehicle, they’re homes. Players will be able to acquire and own five different classes of ship: the sloop, brig, flute, frigate and galleon, each offering plenty of customization. With over 900 items available to collect and use, they can truly create a battle-ready vessel to be proud.

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