New gameplay trailer released for Tchia

New gameplay trailer released for Tchia

Today, Awaceb has released a new gameplay trailer on their open-world adventure game Tchia. This new gameplay trailer showcases new gameplay, environments, and story elements. The trailer also features commentary from Game Director Phil Crifo as he will guide you through a typical day in Tchia.

In this game, you’ll be controlling the eponymous Tchia, whose father has been abducted by the archipelago’s evil ruler through the strange fabric creatures called the Maano. You’ll need to use everything at your disposal to take them out.

Tchia can run, jump, and glide vast distances as long as her stamina is up to travel across the landscapes of this game. Tchia can also climb treetops and catapult herself across the canopy. She’s also able to climb almost any surface whether rocks or mountains. A special soul-jumping ability allows her to hop into the body of almost any animal or inanimate object you can find. This lets you cross the ocean as a dolphin or traverse distances through the sky as a seagull. Lastly, Tchia is equipped with a magical ukulele, which can change the time of day, weather, and perform powerful magical abilities with only a few simple strums.

Tchia is set to release in Spring 2023 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Check out the gameplay trailer for Tchia below this post.

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