New gameplay trailer released for Way of the Hunter

New gameplay trailer released for Way of the Hunter

Today, THQ Nordic and Nine Rocks Games announced the release of a new gameplay trailer for Way of the Hunter, a new adventure game where you can explore and hunt in large open-world environments in the USA and Europe. This new gameplay trailer shows off all kinds of wildlife in open-world environments for hunting pros and casual observers to explore as they track, stalk and face their prey.

In Way of the Hunter, you’ll discover true-to-life animals in their beautiful natural habitats while handling various detailed and highly realistic weapons. With a compelling story, you’ll face the challenges of ethical hunting or just enjoy freely hunting the rich environments. The game also features realistic ballistics and a complex trophy system that generates unique antlers and horns based on multiple factors like the fitness and age of the animal.

Way of the Hunter is coming to PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on August 16. You can Pre-order Way of the Hunter on Steam for PC and via the respective stores of each console. The Way of the Hunter Elite Edition includes the base game plus the Hunter’s Pack and the game’s Season Pass. Check out the new gameplay trailer below this post.

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