New level of innovation in FIFA 16

New level of innovation in FIFA 16

It has become a full on tradition: every year EA graces us with a brand new FIFA game. This year EA SPORTS promises us innovating gameplay on all levels for the new FIFA 16 to offer balanced, authentic and downright exciting association football experiences. It’s time for the fans to play the way they want.


FIFA 16 will offer the following features:

– 25 adjustments to the manoeuvring of the defensive players brings more balance between defence and offence
– new controls for tackling to allow for different block tackles, slide tackles and even to stop your action should you lose your position
– clever intercepting allow players to cover new openings
– a new and powerful pass to reach teammates with heightened precision for extra control on the midfield
– dribbles based on motion capture data from Lionel Messi to allow for fast movement, dummy attacks and the creation of extra space
– a great variation of shots that will lead to the most thrilling goals ever
– play at a higher level thanks to the EA SPORTS FIFA trainer which uses the context of the game to offer players interesting options
– play as Women’s National Teams for the very first time in the franchise. Choose from 12 teams and compete in Match Day and Online Friendly Matches
– much, much more


Next to FIFA 16, EA also announces EA SPORTS FIFA for mobile devices. This way, fans can play FIFA wherever they are.

FIFA 16 will be available from September 22 in the US and September 24 in EU for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PC through Origin. The title can however already be pre-ordered.

Visit the official site for more information and enjoy the trailer below.

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