New medieval season coming to Heavy Metal Machines

New medieval season coming to Heavy Metal Machines

With season 6 around the corner for Heavy Metal Machines, the game will turn medieval with the new season that’s called: Knights, Dragons and a Two-headed Ogre. This new season will bring 112 unique rewards to players.

The 6th season will welcome you to the kingdom of Rockalot, a parallel universe where noble and dishonorable knights prove their skills against each other in deadly arenas and wage a desperate war against armies of monsters. These foul beasts will also obtain new weapons for their battle against humanity.

The skins will not only look beautifully medieval, but also boast some amazing effects for the character skills. Aside of the new season, Heavy Metal Machines will also celebrate its one-year existence after the official launch and its continuous support in bringing new features, tournaments etc.

A new trailer showcasing the contents of the new season has gone live as well. Check out all the rewards of the new season in the video below.

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