New members for the Xbox family

New members for the Xbox family

As you might have noticed, the E3 event is going on full speed and Xbox had the possibility to show their new devices and other upgrades. First of all, one of the biggest highlights of their presentation was the reveal of the new console: Project Scorpio.

The new console will be released in 2017 and Xbox pitches this as the most powerful one ever made. It will contain 6 teraflops of GPU, which will enable true 4K gaming and virtual reality without any framerate loss. One other member of the family is the Xbox One S. This newly designed, compact console will support 4K Ultra HD for Blu-ray movies and content streamed from Netflix and Amazon Video for example. The gaming world will notice this improvement as well, as the upgrades parts give richer colors while playing.

Accessories aren’t forgotten as well, as there will be a new wireless controller. This newer version has a better textured grip for more comfort and the Bluetooth radio makes it easier to wirelessly connect with Windows 10 PC’s and tablets. Also, if you’re into Gears of War, this game will also release a limited edition controller with a special skin and some adjustable extras. The last important aspect is that you can design your own controllers thanks to the design lab. Xbox promises more than 8 million color combinations, so let the fun begin!

Next to hardware, Xbox Live will get some upgrades as well. For starters, ‘Clubs‘ will be introduced as a new way to connect with people that have similar interests, giving you the possibility to talk with new people and get some new friends. The second addition is the ‘Looking for Group‘, where you can place an advertisement for multiplayer games. This extra makes it possible to find players with a similar mind set, making it easier to complete your task. The last aspect is the ‘Arena‘, which gives you the possibility to improve competitive gaming on the Xbox One.

There are three other important elements that are going to be altered as well. Cross-play will now be available, so you can play against or with friends on other platforms. Also, the location of the Xbox won’t have any influence on the language anymore as you will be able to choose independently from each other. The third aspect is that games will be able to be played on all Xbox or Windows 10 platforms. This means that you can buy the game once and play it on every platform.

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