New multiplayer combination game on Steam Greenlight

New multiplayer combination game on Steam Greenlight

Imagine a game that has several genres that you need to think about and that can be played against other gamers. Awakening of Heroes is such one! This title has several ‘heroes’ (see the images for more information) that have some crazy powers. The best of all is that you can play against friends and that the game offers action, strategy, arcade, town development and socializing all-in-one.

“We wanted funny, relaxing game. Thus, we chose a cartoon-like design and comical characters with silly weapons, such as a dynamite cake, biting braces, umbrella thunder (thunderella) strike… Furthermore, we wanted to infuse a slight dose of unpredictability into a battle, so we implemented power ups – special weapons which players collect randomly in the arena. Finally, we are working on a special in-game shop, in which players will choose among dozens of crazy plants which will later be used in a combat as an important element of strategy.”


This really sounds promising, but the game is only on Steam Greenlight yet. It will be available for free though. You can find more information of the game here.


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