New patch for Diablo III

New patch for Diablo III

Diablo III has gotten a huge patch which adds some nice new features to the well known hack and slasher action RPG.

Patch 2.0.1 introduces 4 new elements which I’ll discuss in short. If you want to read everything that has changed, please click here for more information.

Firstly, the looting system has changed. Improved Legendaries, improved stat allocation on items, targeted/smart drops and a variety of new legendary and set items are some of the biggest adjustments in this department.

Secondly, the difficulty settings have been revised. Among other things, the highest difficulty will now offer the best rewards and foes now scale with the players level.

Next up are the updated Paragon levels which will remove the level cap on the number of Paragon levels you can gain, your Paragon level can now be shared across all characters and the player will earn Paragon points when advancing a level to spend in 4 different categories: Core, Offense, Defense and Utility.

Lastly, Diablo III will now feature Clans and Communities which is a great tool for enhancing social interaction, especially in finding some buddies to play with.

Bear in mind that patch 2.0.1 won’t include Reaper of Souls-exclusive features like level cap to 70, Adventure mode, Mystic and Crusader.

diablo 3 patch

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