New patch released for Dying Light 2 Stay Human on PC

New patch released for Dying Light 2 Stay Human on PC

Today, Techland has announced the release of Patch 1.2 for Dying Light 2  Stay Human on PC. This patch addresses a lot of issues reported by players and also features a number of technical and gameplay improvements. These improvements include more immersive details in melee combat, beefed up ragdoll mechanics and a high-performance preset for PC that allows older systems to be able to play the game, a high intensity for Level 4 chase sequences and much more.

This patch is now available for PC and will release for all other consoles in a few days. This patch also fixes all issues with the game-breaking ‘Deathloops’, which are instances where you will keep on dying in five seconds due to being outside of the mission area and this keeps on repeating.

A complete list of all the fixes and improvements of Patch 1.2 can be found here.

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