New playable class coming to Black Desert Online!

New playable class coming to Black Desert Online!

A brand new class called “Lahn” will be added to Black Desert Online on the 23rd of May. The Lahn’s unique capabilities, move set and fighting style will give you a new experience in playing Black Desert Online. When this class is added, players can then choose between 16 different classes. All these classes have unique real-time action combat skills and each will give you a different kind of experience.

The Lahn class is a female master of martial arts that was trained in a dynasty of the far east. When she became a priestess, she fell to an evil scheme that resulted in losing her lover. Now the only way to achieve her ideals is to gain more strength. The Lahn class uses a new weapon called the Crescent Pendulum, a moon-shaped blade on the end of a long piece of cloth. By throwing and swinging this weapon, she utilizes the full strength of this weapon. To complete her deadly arsenal, she has the Noble Sword, an off-hand weapon. Lahn is a speedy and agile class that glides through the air by using her “Nimbus Stride” skill.

In addition to this new class, during the upcoming subscription event running from the 9th of May until the 23rd of May players will be rewarded with the following in-game items when they subscribe: Sealed Book of Combat (7D), Blessing of Kamasylve (7D) and Gold Bar 100G.

A teaser trailer has been released to show this new class in action and can be watched below!

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