New Pokémon & Z-Move Information

New Pokémon & Z-Move Information

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today released some new info for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon which will be available in Europe on the 23rd of November.

The following Pokémon have just been released:

  • Alolan Diglett

Type: Ground–Steel
In the Alola region, Diglett live near volcanic areas, so they have few places to hide themselves away. The hairlike growths growing from Diglett’s head are metallic whiskers. It’s said they developed these stiff yet flexible whiskers in order to survive in the hostile volcanic environment. The whiskers provide a sensory function, enabling Diglett to scan the surrounding area without exposing their faces aboveground.

Diglett can have the Tangling Hair Ability, which is a new Ability that no other Pokémon has previously had. With the Tangling Hair Ability, opponents that hit Alolan Diglett with a move that makes direct contact will have their Speed lowered by 1.

Alolan Diglett

  • Alolan Dugtrio

Type: Ground–Steel
Alolan Dugtrio’s whiskers are flexible, just like Diglett’s, but hard and strong. They continue to grow throughout an Alolan Dugtrio’s life, but at a very slow rate. There is a superstitious belief that many Alolan Dugtrio come out of their holes on a day when a volcano will erupt. Older residents of Alola will flee immediately at the sight. It’s thought that Dugtrio detect movements in the ground that indicate an impending eruption and are so alarmed that they come aboveground.

Alolan Dugtrio

The following new Ultra Beasts have also been introduced:

  • UB-05 Glutton

This beast has an astounding appetite, and it will completely devour anything in front of its eyes. It’s said that it devours not only objects, but the ground, rivers, and even the seas. Despite the abnormal amounts that this beast consumes, it’s said that it doesn’t produce any waste products. It’s possible that it’s completely converting everything it eats into energy to sustain itself, but the true details remain unknown.

Pokémon Sun/Moon

  • UB-03 Lighting

Another Ultra Beast is known as UB-03 Lighting. More information about this Pokémon will be revealed during your adventure in the Alola region.

As tradition goes, you’ll have to choose 1 of 3 Pokémon at the beginning of the game. Each Pokémon is equipped with an exclusive Z-Move which only they can used after they have been evolved to their final form. The 3 Z-Moves are listed below.

Z-Move: Sinister Arrow Raid
Pokémon: Decidueye
Decidueye flies through the sky while attacking his opponent with a rain of feathers, after having done so delivers the finishing blow with his arrows.

Z-Move: Malicious Moonsault
Pokémon: Incineroar
While flames are bursting out of his flamering, Incineroar leaps into the sky and crashes down on his opponent.

Z-Move: Oceanic Operetta
Pokémon: Primarina
Primarina manipulates a big balloon with his voice, this results in the balloon exploding above the head of his opponent.


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