New raid dungeon Alexander released for FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Heavensward

New raid dungeon Alexander released for FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Heavensward

The update for FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Heavensward™, has been released containing the new raid dungeon Alexander, filled with challenges for the brave.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: HEAVENSWARD contains a new story that pitches adventurers into the epicentre of the Dragonsong War. The bloody, thousand year lasting conflict between the knights of Ishgard and the dragons of Dravania. Adventurers can rejoice in the fact that the level cap has been upgraded from 50 to 60 in all disciplines. The update brings a new playable race, new dungeons and raids, new primal fights and the introduction of the flying mounts.

Some things that adventurers should know about the update to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

The level cap has been upgraded from 50 to 60, new flying mounts have been introduced so adventurers can navigate the new floating islands, be it on the backs of the new black chocobo or one man flying vessels. A new playable race has been introduced. The Au Ra main characteristics are their curved horns and scales. They originate from the eastern continent Othard. Players can pick up new jobs: Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian. Be a tank wielding a giant sword and the power of darkness, or a long distance warrior utilizing the power of guns, or be a healer who uses the power of the constellations to heal their team and support them.

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