New Recruit-a-Friend feature for Hearthstone

New Recruit-a-Friend feature for Hearthstone

Players of Hearthstone are now able to recruit friends. With the new Recruit-a-Friend feature, players can invite their buddies to the Inn for some Hearthstone fun, and earn some sweet rewards as a result.


With the new feature, a new character also appears called Morgl The Oracle. Morgl the Oracle isn’t your average murloc. This new Shaman hero might not have Finley’s language skills, but his command of the elements is unmatched. Players will unlock Morgl when one of their newly-recruited friends earns 20 levels across all of their heroes. In addition, once their next four recruits each reach the level 20 milestone, the recruiter will earn a free Classic Hearthstone pack.

 All new players who join through Recruit-a-Friend will also receive a free Classic Hearthstone pack upon logging in to help them on their way.

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