New Screenshots for Space Run Galaxy

New Screenshots for Space Run Galaxy

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games are joining forces to release Space Run Galaxy on PC on the 17th of June. Space Run Galaxy is the sequel to 2014’s Space Run.

The recently released screenshots show us more information regarding the hordes of enemies you’ll be facing during your runs. Delivering goods from one spaceport to another is not an easy job, while a fast delivery time is important, it’s even more essential that the cargo arrives in good condition. Space is full of pirates and they won’t hesitate to team up in order to destroy you. You should also be prepared to fly through asteroid fields or even encounter strange, new alien species. You might find yourself bracing against space squids or even fending off fuel-eating aliens that eat away at your turrets. Space Run Galaxy also introduces new bosses, such as gigantic space monsters or heavily-armed pirate ships.

Space Run Galaxy

It’s vital to load and properly position your laser cannons, missile-launchers, shield generators and reactors in real time. Create the most efficient synergy between your modules to optimize your speed, your defense and your firepower simultaneously.

The persistent online universe lets you take on contracts from your fellow players or hire them to ship goods for you in exchange for a reward of your choice. The resources and components you acquire will allow you to craft and equip your ships with improved modules, to create the best ship you can before facing all the dangers from space.

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