New social deduction game Dubium announced

New social deduction game Dubium announced

Today, MUMO STUDIO has announced its debut project, the visually distinctive social deduction game, DUBIUM. The four founders of MUMO STUDIO all have multiple years of experience and have worked on hit games like Black Desert Online, Dead to Rights and more. Dubium is scheduled for Early Access release in 2022.

Set in a near-future sci-fi universe Dubium is a five-player social deduction game where players take on the role of Frontier or Traitor and have to escape from and abandoned space station. With the Frontiers cooperating to repair solar panels to provide energy for their escape, the sole traitor is tasked with sabotaging everything to prevent them from escaping. By using deceit and treachery, the traitor needs to hide his identity and take out the Frontiers one by one and leave the station unopposed.

A precise release date will be announced later on. With this news, the developers also released an announcement trailer for DUBIUM. Check it out below this post or on our own YouTube channel.

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