New strategy game Red and Blue announced

New strategy game Red and Blue announced

Today, Brilliant Games and Hex Entertainment have announced their new strategy card game Red and Blue. This game will first come to smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android and is set to release in Q2 of this year.

In Red and Blue, you play as an adventurer on a quest for glory, power and knowledge after a rift to an unknown dimension has opened up, but you’re not alone.  A lot of other are trying the same and will do whatever it takes to obliterate their opponents. In this game, two heroes will face off on a battlefield with creatures, spells and magical artifacts. At first sight when looking at the playing field, it kind of looks like Hearthstone, a similar card game.

Red and Blue is said to bring new layers of strategic depth to the table thanks to its area-based gameplay. Each players’ board is divided into three areas where troops can be positioned separately. To reach your opponent’s hero, you need to blast down their defense to get to him/her. At release, there will be over 750 cards available which contain twelve races of creatures, traps, artifacts and spells.

Below, you can check out the first teaser trailer for this new strategic card game.

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