New THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Team Trailer: Official Invitation

New THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Team Trailer: Official Invitation

In the latest trailer for the PS4 exclusive THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV by SNK, we meet 3 new fighters who have been invited to partake in the legendary tournament. Team ‘Official Invitation’, consisting of Sylvie, Kukri and Mian, are joining the battle to become The King of Fighters.

Sylvie is one of the last remnants of NESTS, but was at first considered useless to the secret society- that was, until she demonstrated how powerful her electromagnetic powers were. NESTS has collapsed since, and she found herself being scouted by the KOF tournament organiser after being involved in an underground fighting event.

Kukri is a mysterious fighter who covers his face with a hood, and works in the shadows also for a secret society. His unique power is his sand-based techniques, being able to bury anyone who challenges him.

Mian fights using moves from the traditional Chinese dancing art of the Sichuanese Opera, and evolves in underground tournaments along with Sylvie. She’s a shy character, despite her dancing skills, and barely ever takes her mask off.

If all this information has wetted your appetite, make sure to check out the trailer below!

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