New trailer released for Escape from Tarkov’s latest patch

New trailer released for Escape from Tarkov’s latest patch

Today, Battlestate Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming patch 0.11 for their multiplayer online FPS that’s currently in closed beta. This trailer focuses on the new additions this patch will bring to the game.

The already-existing map “Customs” has been expanded and a new map has been added named “Terragroup Labs”. This is a secret underground laboratory complex dedicated to chemistry, physics, biology and high technology. After this patch, players can also clash with the all-new Raiders, who are rumored to be ex-PMC operators who decided to cooperate with local ex-military from the Scavs.

This patch also adds a new Scav boss called Killa, a lone fighter and a fashion freak. He’s a former athlete brought up by the street, who plays by his own rules and prefers action over conversation.

Watch the trailer below to get a heads-up on all the new additions.

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