New trailer released for Knight Squad 2

New trailer released for Knight Squad 2

After the success of Knight Squad with over 1.8 million players, Chainawesome Games has released a new trailer for the follow-up to this game, Knight Squad 2. Knight Squad 2 is a classic arcade party game that will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X with backward compatibility and Windows PC.

This sequel introduces the much-requested cross-platform multiplayer where any combo of up to local players, online players, and bots can fight for feudal supremacy. Knights can enjoy brand new weapons and more than a dozen game modes like Payload, which pits two teams against each other to deliver explosives to the enemy base or Minion Master, where squads slay foes to build an army and wreck opponents’ forts in a vibrant new art style.

With this announcement comes a new trailer from the ID@Xbox Showcase where this announcement has taken place. Check it out below or find it on our Youtube Channel.

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