New update for Hell of an Office adds new levels and mechanics

New update for Hell of an Office adds new levels and mechanics

Some good news from developer 43 Studios and publisher Joystick Ventures as their satanic speedrunning first-person platformer Hell of an Office gets a big update. In the Work from Hell update that releases today, players will traverse the Remote Work Void and conquer ten scorching levels to test a new tool and unlock two new stapler skins. This new area is all in the theme of working from home and thus the perfect place for the new bouncing pillows mechanic. Usually used for quick naps but this time around you’ll have to jump on these cushions like trampolines to propel yourself towards the marked landing spot. No worries if you are flying uncontrollably because, with the necktie hook, you can now steer the direction you are going, perfect for some last-minute redirections toward the coffee machine.

Hell of an Office can be enjoyed endlessly even if you would rather take things slow or spend hundreds of hours trying to become the fastest speedrunner on the leaderboard. No stage is ever completely mastered as you can find new and better routings the more you play and the more time you spend getting better, the more awesome stapler skins you will unlock for your trusty office equipment.

Hell of an Office is now available on PC through Steam Early Access.

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