New update for Lineage 2

New update for Lineage 2

Today, instead of adding some April Fools’ day content to the game or creating some fake news, a new update has come to Lineage 2. Firstly, this update will add Homunculi to the game. Homunculi are companions that increase the stats of their master. Five types of companions have been added to the game: Baby dragon, Chick, Goby, Angel, and Orc. Each has its own unique skills and they can be leveled up, granting even more bonuses to your character.

Accompanying these Homunculi, new hunting zones are now open for high-level characters. You can visit the updated Tower of Insolence and the Imperial Tomb. These can be entered through the interface of session zones. The Tower of Insolence is a stronghold where the gods have imprisoned Emperor Baium. You can fight monsters in the first three floors of the tower and the higher you get, the stronger the monsters will be. In addition, you can only spend ten hours per week in the Tower of Insolence. The Imperial Tomb is a gloomy mausoleum where the rulers of Elmore lie. In this tomb, you’ll have sixty minutes to deal with monsters there while completing the quest “Tomb Raiders”.

The Swamp of Screams has also opened up for players where monsters will only spawn from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 22:00 to 00:00. All in all, a lot has been added to the game, offering you enough new things to explore in Lineage 2.

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