New update for online shooter CRSED: F.O.A.D

New update for online shooter CRSED: F.O.A.D

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software have announced the release of the “Rock Solid” update for their online shooter CRSED: F.O.A.D. The update will include a new Champion: Ecologist and geologist Katrina Matadi who will control rocks with her powers. Players will also be able to summon deadly Reapers, shoot down enemies silently with crossbows, detect ambushes and much more.

Katrina Matadi is an orphan from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After an evil corporation forced her to work in the cobalt mines as a kid, she found out about her ability to discover rare minerals. Growing into an adult, Katrina continued to work for the same company, while secretly gathering evidence about the company’s crimes before being discovered and forced to flee.

Katrina’s special bond with rocks will allow her to use the ‘Bastion’ ability. With this ability, she will be able to create a stone shield around herself, blocking bullets, melee weapons and reducing damage from explosions for the next 25 seconds. In exchange, Katrina’s head will remain exposed and she will lose some mobility, instead being able to scatter her Stone armor to push back foes.

Take Your Interest In Online Shooting To The Next Level

If you want to experience intense shooting action like a real-life Katrina character, then the closest and safest activity you can try is paintball! Paintball is a shooting sport where players shoot paint pellets, or dye-filled gelatin capsules, against each other. The game is usually played by teams, but who’s stopping you from organizing a battle royale-style of gameplay? Yes, you can make up your own rules as long as your playmates would agree to them.

You might be worried and ask, ‘does paintball hurt?’ Yes, paintball hurts, but only if the capsules hit your skin. So, wearing thick clothing will serve as a safety pad and avoid skin damage during a paintball session. Many players even wear a vest and helmet to further protect themselves. But generally, paintball is safe and even though it may hurt your skin a bit, it rarely causes fatal wounds or injuries.

This hobby can help reduce stress after a long week of hard work in school or in the office. It’s also a great bonding activity for groups of friends and families. Online shooting is really popular and many people see the immense capabilities of virtual characters like the famous shooter, Katrina. You can enjoy this online shooting game during your spare time. But you can also take your love of shooting games to the next level by participating in paintball.

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