New update for Wartales released

New update for Wartales released

Today, the new Harag’s Marchlands update for the medieval open-world tactical RPG Wartales was released. This update adds a new explorable region to the game as well as a level cap increase.

You can now lead a militia through the unforgiving swamps of Ludern, an area cursed by disease and corruption. This hostile land houses rabid native animals, horrible monsters that roam the enigmatic enclave and is full of territorial trackers. A forsaken village can be found in this swamp where each sound can trigger incoming hordes of plague-ridden wanderers, which can’t be defeated. You’ll be able to tame and train new animals through specialized skill trees that add to the sellswords’ resources. The level cap has now been increased to level 9 and new skills have also been added ready for you to be mastered.

Wartales is currently in its Early Access phase via Steam. Below, you can watch the new trailer that introduces the new Harag’s Marshlands.

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