New update introduces Knight’s Mayhem mode for Crossout

New update introduces Knight’s Mayhem mode for Crossout

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced the release of the Knight’s Mayhem update for Crossout, a post-apocalyptic online action game. With this update, the new battle mode, ‘Knight’s Mayhem’ has been added where players will trade in their armored vehicles and lasers for carriages and ballistas. The new “Polar Explorer” pack grants you new unique impulse weapons, a new epic level cabin, and the unique eponymous armored vehicle that can be overloaded to increase its firepower at the cost of the risk of damaging your vehicle. and a new epic-level cabin.

The new Knight’s Mayhem mode features an 8 vs. 8 battle where players use pre-assembled armored vehicles in a medieval style. The inventor of these vehicles once dreamt of traveling from the post-apocalyptic Wasteland to distant Flanders to restore the ideals of chivalry. This new mode features five models of armored vehicles to choose from:

  • The Carriage: A fast and maneuverable armored vehicle that is the best choice for capturing points, but a good ballista shot can easily turn this vehicle upside down.
  • The Ballista: A versatile support unit that wields an accurate long-range crossbow.
  • The Bombard: A heavy vehicle that is best for protecting points. It deals a lot of damage, but as soon as you go around it and attack from behind, the Bombard’s modules immediately become an easy target and can explode from a couple of hits.
  • The Brazier: A fire (literally) support weapon that can both heat up opponents and easily win 1v1 fights.
  • The Catapult: A long-range weapon used in the sieging of points. It sends fiery projectiles along a hinged trajectory and sets enemies on fire.

The Knight’s Mayhem event in Crossout will last until May 12th. The best players will be rewarded with decorative items and epic parts for armored vehicles.

Check out the trailer for Knight’s Mayhem in Crossout below this post.

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