New update released for Fallout 76

New update released for Fallout 76

Today, the newest update for Fallout 76 was released. This update brings a few requested changes, focused on the inventory interface in Fallout 76. As this hadn’t been changed since Fallout 3, it could definitely use an upgrade at some point.

The biggest change to the inventory system is the increase of the maximum capacity of the player stash in-game. This has been increased with a whopping 50% to 1200 pounds. The update also brings some changes to the UI of the inventory on the Pip-Boy. Three new tabs have been added to the interface. A ‘New’ tab which shows freshly picked up items, ‘Armor’, which splits clothing and armor to have their own tab and the tab Food/Drinks which separates these items from your medical items.

As you were taking a look at items in your inventory on your Pip-Boy, you would always see the properties of only one item, even if you were looking at a big stack. Now, you’ll see the total weight of the stack instead, which gives you a cleaner view of what is taking up so much space in your inventory, a common problem for most Vault Wanderers.

Lastly, the info shown in the tooltip when you check out someone else’s C.A.M.P. on the map will now show the amount of legendary weapons with one, two or three stars on sale. Empty categories won’t be shown as these would take up too much unnecessary space on your screen.

In other news, the Fasnacht event and a special Valentine’s event will be coming to the game in February. The video below this post will summarize all the improvements this update brings to the game.

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