NEWDERY DualSense Charging Dock – Hardware Review
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NEWDERY DualSense Charging Dock – Hardware Review

Good: Looks classy, Works great
Bad: A bit bulkier than some other chargers
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Even when owning multiple controllers for a single platform, we have all been in that situation where every single controller has no charge left. It’s often also quite tedious to charge every device separately, and that’s why charging stations (or docks) are quite popular and are often the first accessory console gamers purchase when picking up a brand-new console. Even so, it’s often hard to know which charging docks are decent, and it’s even more unclear why certain brands charge so much more for exactly the same device as more budget-friendly brands. Of course, making sure your hardware is not damaged by cheap knockoff items is always a priority, and that’s why we still suggest buying items from stores or platforms with visible reviews. Today we’ll be looking at NEWDERY’s DualSense Charging Dock for PlayStation 5, which became our go-to charging solution over these past few weeks.


The design of NEWDERY’s DualSense Charging Dock is very classy. The white exterior and the black top look great for every type of gaming setup, and the small LED lights aren’t very intrusive. Outside of the brand name, there aren’t that many standout features. There are also different colors available for the Charging Dock, including a black design and a red design.


In terms of comfort, there is not that much to say. The charger is ready to place on a flat surface, but it does require a bit of space. The controllers are inserted back to back in the allotted slots, and they easily connect with the charging port. The device is not heavy, so it’s easy to move around if you wish to charge your controllers somewhere else. The charging station is easy to clean and there is no hassle setting everything up.


If we have to be completely honest, there isn’t that much to say about a charging station such as this. You plug it in, insert your controllers, and you’re good to go. You can easily let your controllers charge by plugging in the charging station via one of the PS5’s USB ports. With the two slots available, you can have one controller charging while the other one is in use, or you can easily rotate when you have more than two controllers. This way, you’ll never have to worry about charging while playing.


NEWDERY’s DualSense Charging Dock is a great charging solution if you have multiple controllers for your PlayStation setup. Even though the Charging Dock requires a bit of space, there is no hassle setting things up, and the device also looks great. For a fair asking price you will never run out of juice when playing your favorite games.

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NEWDERY DualSense Charging Dock - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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