NEWDERY Switch Battery Case – Hardware Review
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Developer: NEWDERY
Publisher: NEWDERY
Platform: Switch (original model)

NEWDERY Switch Battery Case – Hardware Review

Good: Ergonomic design, 10000 mAh powerbank, Sturdy kickstand
Bad: Stiff kickstand
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Even though the Switch is already six years old, it is still the handheld device of choice for many gamers. It’s clear that Nintendo’s hybrid console is still very loved to this day, even with rumors popping up about a potential successor. Nonetheless, Nintendo somewhat failed when it came to designing an ergonomic experience, especially when playing with the device for longer periods of time. Over the years, many third-party manufacturers came up with their own original grips, cases, and other accessories, hoping to make the handheld slightly more pleasant to hold. NEWDERY, for example, is a company that specializes in making accessories for a plethora of products, including Nintendo’s hybrid device. We put their Switch Battery Case for the original Switch model to the test, and we were pleasantly surprised.


You’ll be treated to a solid matte black case that encompasses the back and sides of your original Switch device. The device has no distinguishable features except for its ergonomic shape and the small LED indicators to show the battery life of the case itself. The matte black finish looks great, but it does show fingerprints and other smudges quite easily. We love the overall simple design, as sometimes less is more.


Outside of the actual powerbank that is able to expand the battery life of your Switch, comfort might be this case’s main selling point. Nintendo’s Switch is an ergonomic nightmare, and it’s just unpleasant to hold for longer gaming sessions. NEWDERY’s Switch Battery Case adds a bit of meat to the bones of Nintendo’s handheld, and it gives you a proper grip. This will make it feel more as if you’re holding an actual controller, rather than a thin tablet-like handheld.

Of course, with the 10000 mAh powerbank embedded into the case, it does add some weight to the mix, making your Switch quite a bit heavier. This is a matter of personal preference. If you’re already struggling with the weight of a Switch, then this case probably won’t do you any good. If you don’t mind some added weight in combination with a more solid grip, then you’ll probably love NEWDERY’s case.

On the back of the case, there is also a sturdier kickstand. This allows you to put the Switch upright, making it a tabletop device. The kickstand is a bit stiffer and harder to open, but this might also be due to the fact that underneath the kickstand there is also room to store two additional Switch game cartridges. You’ll need to slide in the cartridges rather than actually click them into place as is the case with many other cases and/or storage solutions. This is, once again, a matter of personal preference. Thanks to the somewhat softer material coating on the case, you won’t damage your cartridges when sliding them in and out of the assigned slot.


Truth be told, there is not that much to say when it comes to the overall features of the Switch Battery Case. You’ll simply slide your switch into the case, and you’re good to go. The battery will start charging, and with the 10000 mAh you’ll have quite a bit of extra power under your belt. Keeping in mind that the original Switch battery is 4310 mAh, you’ll basically have two additional full charges (and some more) on standby.

As the Battery Case also has a regular USB output, you can also charge another device with it. This means you could be charging your phone while playing Switch games, or you can simply use the case as a powerbank when not using the Switch. It’s a fun bonus, and again, with the 10000 mAh, you do have some power under the hood of this interesting gadget. One thing that was noticeable, however, is that the case doesn’t turn itself off automatically, even when the Switch is not in use. You’ll have to double-click the power button in order to turn the case off.


NEWDERY’s Switch Battery Case is a rather interesting solution for Switch players who prefer playing in handheld mode. Thanks to the case, you’ll have a better grip, and the 10000 mAh powerbank ensures you won’t run out of juice any time soon. It’s an added bonus to have an additional output port to charge other devices, and we also quite enjoyed the sturdier kickstand. The only downside to the device is that it requires a bit of upkeep because of easily visible fingerprints.

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NEWDERY Switch Battery Case - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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