News on Pokémon Sun and Moon

News on Pokémon Sun and Moon

The hype train is gaining more and more momentum still with Nintendo revealing news about the upcoming Pokémon games, Sun and Moon.

A slew of new Pokémon have been unveiled.

Bewear is a Normal/Fighting type Pokémon and even though it looks cute as all hell, but with the Strong Arm Ability, you might want to watch out, as it won’t be pulling its punches.

Mudsdale is a Ground Type Pokémon. With its ability: Stamina, it’ll boost its own defenses.

Wimpod is a Water/Bug Pokémon with the Ability: Wimp Out. Don’t expect this Pokémon to stay in battle when it takes too much damage.

Comfey is a purely Fairy Type Pokémon while Bounsweet is a pure Grass Type Pokémon.

The internet is full of awe for the last Pokémon called Mimikyu. Its ability is Mimic, which acts as a decoy, similar to the move substitute.

More information can be viewed in the trailer below.

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