Nexomania has come to Heroes of the Storm!

Nexomania has come to Heroes of the Storm!

In the new patch for Heroes of the Storm, Nexomania has come to the Nexus. Battle for the title of Champions of the Nexus in epic tag-team wrestling action. Some characters have been given a crowd-pleasing makeover in the form of luchador-themed skins to give them some extra appeal while showing their skills in the ring.

But lavish luchadors aren’t the only thing invading the Nexus! As part of the ongoing Hero rework, two heroes, Lunara and Diablo have been reworked.

This Nexomania runs from the 22nd of May until the 11th of June. By clicking on the following link you can check out all the new skins and adorable mounts that have been added. Enter the ring and see if you’re tough enough to survive the Nexomania quest chains that await you in-game.

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