Next-Gen NBA 2K22-Experience comes to The City


Developer 2K announced more updates surrounding their open-world basketball adventure The City. My CAREER-mode or story mode will take place entirely within the confines of the City, taking the mode to a whole new level of immersion and control. This is made possible thanks to a quest-based MyCAREER that not only offers the engaging, unique storyline that MyCAREER players have come to love over the years but also allows the player to completely customize the story. This is done by completing quests for the main storyline as well as a variety of side quests in different City locations. Keep in mind that MyCAREER no longer feels like being in a movie, but resembles an interactive adventure instead now.


Every year, MyCAREER lets you define a unique MyPLAYER’s journey to the NBA and beyond, and this year is no different. 2K22’s MyPLAYER is MP, a high school star with a popular social media channel that features videos of him making fun of amateurs in the schoolyard.

Key Features:

  • A little drama here and there.
    Getting into the NBA is just the beginning of this year’s MyCAREER story. Work your way through a series of complex circumstances that will be revealed later down the line, but it involves tough conversations with coaches, GMs, agents, and the press, and you’re in the middle of the drama. behind the scenes that NBA fans love so much and are such a big part of the NBA fan experience.
  • Characters.
    One of the highlights of this year’s MyCAREER is the sheer number of characters you interact with. You will visit your PR director in the team building, reporters in their offices, and representatives of brands such as Nike and Adidas in their headquarters. Be sure to stop by for a bit of music trivia. You’ll be amazed at what you can earn as a reward!
  • Newly updated Quest system.
    You are not just taken from cutscene to cutscene. Instead, you choose who to talk to and when, creating countless unique interactions with interesting personalities, filmed in a cinematic style. Not only do things happen that are beyond your control, just like in real life, but the choices you make, from your playstyle to your answers to interviews, unlock mini-story arcs and rewards that tailor the experience to what’s going on in the career of your MyPLAYER.
  • Music and Fashion
    By introducing music and fashion storylines in MyCAREER players can freely pursue them if they match their interests.
  • Personal Brand
    Speaking of outside interests, an NBA star must carefully develop a Personal Brand to make the most of endorsement opportunities, so this year 2K introduces a Personal Brand system that reflects these dynamics in the real world.
  • Side Quests
    So there’s the main story to follow, but there are also plenty of opportunities for fun distractions in the City that can change daily, weekly, and yes, seasonally.
  • MVP of the City
    Everything you do in the City earns you MVP points. NBA and City games, interviews, side quests, and runway walks. City MVPs unlock a penthouse apartment, gain quick access to affiliate fields, and more.
  • Seasons
    The City now will also have a different Season every six weeks with new Side Quests, new clothes, and much, much more. For more information about the complete list of updates and features make sure to visit the website here.
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