Night Terrors: The Pokémon Go of horror fans

Night Terrors: The Pokémon Go of horror fans

Have you ever heard of the game called Night Terrors that’s currently being developed by indie developer Novum Analytics? The game is absolutely terrifying.

Imagine Pokémon Go’s Augmented Reality mechanics. The only difference is that instead of capturing cute and cuddly Pokémons, you’ll see menacing ghosts and hear otherworldly sounds. The worst part of it all is that the game play setting is inside your own house, which is supposed to be your safe place.

For a better understanding of Night Terrors, think about playing a game where you’re literally the main character. The system then understands where you are in your environment and exploits that information in order to create terrifying augmented reality ghosts. What’s worse is that once the game is installed in your phone, the system sometimes overtakes the device and sends you scary text messages and horrifying photos. You don’t play the game; the game plays you.


The camera and microphone feeds are both analyzed and then processed in real time. Photo-realistic elements are added to the camera, and the audio is spatialized in order to adapt to any environment.

Practical effects are being applied in the game as opposed to CGI in order for every augmented object to appear accurately. With control over a smartphone’s lighting and texture quality, the game manipulates objects and the environment to make everything look realistic.

Check out the video below to see just how horrifying this game is:

However, Night Terrors isn’t the only game that has taken a cue from Pokémon Go’s crossover nature. There are plenty of other titles that are now crossing over to other game types to offer new dynamic game play options. A classic example of this is Mario, which transformed from a 2D side-scrolling game when it introduced Dr. Mario and Super Smash Bros to the world. Another example is DC Comics’ Batman partnership with online casino providers. Apart from Batman’s 90s console action games and the Arkham series, The Dark Knight Detective seems to have several slot machine titles under his belt as well.

Even casual games such as Bingo have been adapted into cross over games. Have you ever heard of the game Slingo? It’s a game that was popularized by software company Gaming Realms back in 2015. Slingo is an interesting crossover to say the least, with both elements of bingo and slot machines in one thoroughly and unique designed game.

If you’re interested in Night Terrors and would like to fund it, you can visit the game’s official Indiegogo page. Currently, the developers are still about $20,000 short of their final target.

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