Nikita: Season 4 (DVD) – Series Review
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Nikita: Season 4 (DVD) – Series Review

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Alas, one day, all series must come to an end. Now it’s time to say goodbye to Nikita, the (in)famous spy and assassin who turned herself against the people who made her what she is. The best way for a highly rated TV show to thank their loyal fans is to go out with a bang. Nikita surely provides enough ”bangs” in this final season.

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Nikita is on the run. As we know from the previous season, Nikita is blamed for murdering the President of the United States. The whole world sees her as a cold-blooded assassin who’s prepared to go very far. Season 4 picks up a few months after the death of the US President and it’s immediately clear that our protagonist is still in hiding. She doesn’t want to run anymore, neither does her team of close friends and partners in ‘crime’. It’s time to set things straight and clear her name while bringing down ‘The Group’ (or The Shop, like Nikita’s team likes to call them). The Group (for those not familiar with the series), is a secret global organization which uses horrible methods to bend people to their will (read: by brainwashing them).

At first, Nikita wants to do everything on her own, much to her team’s dislike, but soon enough everyone is back on board. It’s great to see the how to team works together again with one (actually two but one sounds more heroic, does it not?) goal in mind: to show the world that Nikita is actually a hero and not the enemy and especially bringing down the likes of Amanda and her companions.

Dead or Alive

This time, the storyline is divided into two seperate branches. The first being Nikita and her team going about their business (bringing Nikita to safety and tracking down the ones responsible for the framed murder among other things) and then there’s Alexandra Udinov, one of Nikita’s best friends and personally trained by her, who’s tracking down human traffickers. Although the storylines start of seemingly independent, it’s but a matter of time before everything gets connected. The switching between Nikita’s and Alex’s screen time happens smoothly and both story branches provide the equally amount of quality throughout the whole season.

Dead or Alive

After some time, the truth about what exactly is going on and how The Group could frame Nikita is slowly rising to the surface and take my word for it, some things occur which you wouldn’t expect at all. It’s really quite clever how the plot turns out and it keeps you on your toes throughout the entire season. Nikita has always been about action, fighting and shooting and season 4 brings more of same but bigger and better. Meanwhile, you can clearly see how Nikita is suffering from the whole situation as she is running for her life, hated by the whole world and scared to death that something bad will happen to the people she loves. Although she’s still a kickass ninja, this season, we see her as a fragile human being and that makes the whole situation a lot more intense.

Between events, there’s also room for some romance which brings a nice diversity in pace compared to action filled confrontations. Unfortunately enough, these scenes have quite some clichés in them and it’s hard to shake off the feeling that they don’t bring much of value to the story until the last pair of episodes.


The acting in Nikita’s last season is like we’re used to, splendid. Maggie Q (Nikita) does a superb job in bringing over the hatred towards The Group and the devastation concerning several events (which I won’t spoil of course). Guest Star Alex Carter (who plays F.B.I.–agent Matthew Graham) deserves a pat on the back too as he fulfills his (not so convenient) role in a believable manner. All in all, there’s nothing bad to say about the acting. You can truly see that each actor/actress imagines him/herself in the character they play and as we all know, that’s the only way to do some decent work on that level.


This season, everything is at stake. Although season 4 counts only 6 episodes, a lot of stuff happens and there are certainly enough plot twists to keep you thinking for a while. The romantic scenes are not really up to par with the action scenes but nonetheless, it’s enjoyable to get some breathing space once in a while. Like I mentioned in the intro of this review, Nikita goes out with a bang (or multiple ones if you want to get really technical) and that’s how we like it.



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