Nishan Shaman coming to the App Store this month

Nishan Shaman coming to the App Store this month

Today Project Kepler – a team of six Chinese university graduates – announced the release of their debut folk music adventure game called Nishan Shaman. The game will be available in the App Store on July 19th in twelve languages and shall be free of charge.By releasing this game they want to educate the world about Chinese culture. It’s based on the Manchu tribe folk take featuring a traditional paper cutting art style with local Shamanistic music and a rich backstory embedded in cultural heritage and lore.

Nishan Shaman is inspired by The Tale of the Nishan Shaman which is the one surviving text of Manchu literature, where a female shaman resurrects the son of a rich landowner. The game features five background folk music tracks, which has already got the team nominated for the Best Sound award at Casual Connect London 2018.

“We wanted to shed some light on traditional Chinese mythology, which is relatively unknown in the gaming world,” said Steven Wu, Shenzhen department manager at NEXT Studio. “One member of the development team is a real Manchu person so this personal relation with the tribe’s mythology really helped create a meaningful adaptation of theNishan Shaman epic poem to a mobile game that is both fun and informative.”

The game has been at the top position on the recommended pre-order list in China since the end of June. We’ll have to wait and see if the game also catches on in the rest of the world.

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