Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel – Review
Follow Genre: Beat 'Em Up, Arcade Fighting
Developer: Examu
Publisher: Nitroplus, Marvelous Inc.
Platform: Arcade, PS3, PS4
Tested on: PS4

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel – Review

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From developer ‘Examu’ comes the new, all female, arcade-fighting game Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel. Coming straight from the arcade rooms of Japan and with characters from many different series’, this game is sure to catch the attention of any anime or fighting game fans who like their games fast paced. 

nitroplus blasterz heroines infinite duel


There isn’t a huge story behind this game. Mostly the player is enticed with the idea of all out warfare between a large amount of attractive ladies. There is a campaign but it’s quick and the goal to it (other than finishing it) really was lost on us. The positive way of looking at it, is that it’s left intentionally open for the player to decide their own story for their chosen character. After all, this is an arcade game and they never really were huge on stories.



Something that is absolutely apparent from the get go is the obvious arcade styled visuals. Sharp, bold and lightning overlaid text signalling the start and end of a fight is heavy hitting and a nostalgic reminder of our past with fighting games. Mix this with the traditional anime looks and large breasted female characters causing blasts of energy and explosion, and you’ve got a recipe for success. The static backgrounds are vivid and unique depending on the campaign level however we feel as if there could have been more placed in here to lead your eyes around the frame. Of course with the girls in revealing clothes, some might argue this would be completely pointless and that maybe a blank background would suffice.



The collective sound to this game is brilliant. The soundtrack is punchy but most of all, the in-game sounds and voice acting stand out very well. Being entirely voiced in Japanese, it really delivers that authentic Japanese arcade room feel to your living room which is a masterful decision on the developers end. High pitched screams and yelps will be common ground for any anime fan. Usually they’re over the top and overused however we feel after a few of the beatings in this game, the screams are warranted.



Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel began in Japan as an arcade game and it’s terrific to see a modern day console game coming from the root of all gaming. Needless to say this carries across very well, especially in a fighting game. Having been released at the end of April 2015, it only took 7 month for this game to hit PS3 and PS4 in December. It’s clear to see there was a huge demand for this game and that’s clear to see in the huge Western support. All you need to do is look through any youtube videos comments in order to see the huge fan base this game has and that is partially down to the key to this games content and that is that it features multiple female characters from many visual novels and and mange and anime series’. This really allows any diehard fans of a series jump in and take control of their favourite female fighter.


There are a lot of elements to this modern day beat ’em up. At its base, it is a traditional fighting game with a massive combo list and pros and cons to every character. However, your character is not alone. Featuring a unique tag team system, you can choose an ally fighter to jump into the battle with a special technique which can completely change the tide in a fight. It is clear to see that finding a perfect partnership is both difficult but rewarding. For example, one tag team partner is a girl who invades the battle field with a J-Pop band. Their music lifts your characters spirits and increases their fighting power. This idea of mix and matching is something that really gives the game an edge over other fighting games. You can play through the campaign many times, witnessing a completely unique story fold out each time with your two chosen fighters. Some fighters match and can be paired together and some don’t and cannot be paired, which just adds another level of immersion to this world. However, when you do come to take your fighters into the campaign, you may notice that the story is rather thin and vague. There isn’t a whole lot of background given but this certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

Online is a huge supporting feature as it allows you to take your skills to the arena and battle other players. With the character support system, this leads to a high intensity, fast paced war between your characters. Without the very smooth online functionality, it would be hard to imagine this game being anything too big to write home about but of course, it does feature it and has many gamers reaching for it.


Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel is a solid game without any hitches. It plays at a blistering speed and has no shortage or replayability options. The sheer amount of possible combos and character choices is enough to keep any fan interested for a long while. While the campaign is thin at best, the online battles will be enough to hold onto players and create pros who you will dread being match-made against.

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