No Place Like Home – Now officially launched!

No Place Like Home – Now officially launched!

The post apocalyptic farming sim No Place Like Home is officially launching on Steam today, 17th March 2022! This game has been developed by Chicken Launcher and published by Realms Distribution, and has been in early access since 23 December, 2020.

Earth has largely been abandoned, as mankind left it in pursuit of a new life on Mars. But not by everyone left! Bring the planet back from the brink of ecological disaster as humanity left it to collapse under mountains of waste. By recycling, clearing, crafting and cooking you can forge a brighter, more sustainable future for Earth, remembering that there’s no place like home.

No Place Like Home offers a relaxing and satisfying experience as dumping grounds turn into dairy farms, and rubbish into a rural community. The new Creative Mode allows players to enjoy No Place Like Home for the pure joy of transforming and building this new life, free from objectives and money worries. But for those who want to save the planet, take the role of Ellen Newland as she rebuilds her Grandpa’s farm, helps the community and rescues animals, all the while trying to find her missing Grandpa.

Visit the Steam page of No Place Like Home for more information and to purchase this game!

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