Nubarron: the Adventures of an Unlucky Gnome – Preview
Follow Genre: 2D platforming, puzzle
Developer: Nastycloud
Publisher: Nastycloud
Platform: PC

Nubarron: the Adventures of an Unlucky Gnome – Preview

Good: beautiful graphics, simple yet interesting gameplay
Bad: no complaints
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Nubarron: the Adventure of an Unlucky Gnome is one of those Kickstarter projects that look very promising, carrying an interesting feel to them that makes them stand out from other projects. Games like these show lots of potential, and are usually the type to stay in our hearts for quite a long time.


The story of Nubarron follows the life of Gnome, our main character as his life changes from happy to unfortunate. One day his precious hat, source of all his luck, has been lost together with all of his luck. In the place of his hat a stormy cloud called…Cloud…appears. Cloud loves to hit people with her lightning, so living above the head of Gnome is perfect for her. Our poor gnome is now under constant danger for the thunder that might hit his hat, which means that he has no other choice than to keep moving. And so our little friend goes off on his adventure in search for his hat, venturing through the forest while avoiding the lightning and creatures along his tough journey.


As of now only a small demo is available, so I can’t tell everything about the final product yet. At the moment you’ll be able to play a small level in which you control Gnome in a 2D environment. You can only do simple actions like jumping or moving right or left, whilst having Cloud hanging above your head. You’ll have to keep moving without standing still, because every couple of seconds Cloud tries to hit you with a lightning bolt. If the lightning bolt would happen to hit you, you are instantly dead. Thankfully you can respawn as much as you want, so if you would happen to stand still for too long you can just try again without any punishment, making this game something to purely enjoy.


The game is a platformer that implements puzzles to its levels, where you need to make use of the lightning bolts that Cloud fires at you. You can use it to burn stuff, power up machinery or for lighting up the area. That is pretty much it, a nice and simple concept that players will be able to enjoy.

One of the most notable aspects of the game that really stood out are the graphics of this game. The environments are beautifully done, you can really see that the developers have put their mind and heart into creating them. The designs of the monsters (only one was present in the demo) look really weird, having a rather mysterious feeling about them and making it interesting to see what kind of creatures might appear in the future.



This game is certainly one of those projects that has tons of potential. The beautiful environments and strangely but interesting designed creatures are truly something to admire. The gameplay is simple, yet it makes for a pretty interesting type of puzzling game, making use of one mechanic in a couple of ways. I would recommend this game to everyone who likes independent games and who pay attention to the graphical style of games.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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Nubarron: the Adventures of an Unlucky Gnome - Preview, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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