Nuke Them All blasts off in Early Access

Nuke Them All blasts off in Early Access

Today, Nuke Them All launched in Early Access, offering players an opportunity to engage in battlefield command. Everyone can now take part in the action at a special introductory price, accompanied by an exclusive 10% discount for early supporters. During Early Access, players can contribute to the development process by participating in behind-the-scenes activities such as map creation, mission design, and gameplay mechanics refinement. This collaborative effort aims to redefine the strategy genre and deliver a unique gaming experience. Share your ideas on Discord, showcase your gameplay through streaming for a chance to win special cash contests, and propose new units and map concepts. This is an opportunity for players to influence the future of real-time strategy (RTS) gaming.


  • Non-stop chaotic RTS combat
  • Random luck events that can turn the tide of battle in an instant
  • Unlockable advanced units including laser bots, rocket bots, fire bots, and electrobots
  • A humor-packed voiceover with hundreds of variations, puns, dad jokes, and movie references
  • Massive battles spread over a large map
  • Cycling time of day that brings zombies at night
  • Gameplay-affecting weather effects
  • The Nuke: control the nuclear silo and rain down destruction on your enemies and obliterate their fort!

Nuke Them All offers a fast-paced, action-packed RTS experience inspired by ’90s classics like Z, KKND, and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, as well as modern titles such as C&C Generals, Company of Heroes, and They Are Billions. Emphasising action and strategic battles, the game features a tech tree system that provides rapid mid-game progression and flag-capturing mechanics for territorial control, as noted by IGN Nordic.


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    April 16, 2024, 00:01

    […] We reported on the Early Access launch of Nuke Them All last month, and we’d be lying to ourselves if we said that it didn’t pique our interest. An RTS title inspired by the likes of old school Command & Conquer: Red Alert and with similar humor to Destroy All Humans!? Sign us up! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve been playing Nuke Them All then, not in the least because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to preview it for you. So, is Nuke Them All the bomb, or does it not go out with a bang, but with a whimper? […]

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