OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE – celebrating the 50 year anniversary of a Soviet-era superhero

OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE – celebrating the 50 year anniversary of a Soviet-era superhero

Octobriana. The Russian Devil-Woman. Superhuman freedom fighter for the oppressed. Controversial underground comic book icon since 1971. To celebrate her 50th anniversary, new comic book publisher Dead Good Media has announced OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE: an all-new, full colour, 64-page anthology releasing summer 2021.

Vikings, World War II, dinosaurs, 1980s TV evangelists, time travel, Billy Idol, a near-future Britain and Baba Yaga… strap yourself in for a wild ride across seven offbeat tales, showcasing unique takes on Octobriana by an exciting mix of creative talent.

The first creators to be confirmed for the anthology are Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, Butcher of Paris), Marc Laming (Star Wars: Boba Fett, James Bond 007), Simon Fraser (Doctor Who, Judge Dredd), Andrea Towers (Geek Girls Don’t Cry, Entertainment Weekly), Stephen Byrne (Justice League/Power Rangers, Wonder Twins) and Stu Taylor (2000AD, Octobriana: Filling in the Blanks), who are joined by fan favourite cover artist Marguerite Sauvage. More creators are set to be announced in the coming months.

Even though the bizarre circumstances of her publishing origins are mired in deception and controversy, Octobriana has achieved underground cult status by the fact that she is still appearing in comic books, graffiti, art installations, etc, 50 years on from her creation. And that’s not including the fact that David Bowie was going to make a movie about her, or that 80s rocker Billy Idol proudly has a tattoo of the Russian Devil-Woman.

The oversized 50th-anniversary special OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE features:

  • Octobriana and the Underground clash with an immortal nemesis over the skies of a near-future Britain in Baba Yaga’s Cruel Britannia.
  • Take a trip behind enemy lines in fast-paced, World War II romp Night Witches of the Eastern Front.
  • Grab a bottle of bourbon for The La Brea Tar Beast of Sunset Strip, the absolutely (not) true account of how Billy Idol got his Octobriana tattoo.
  • America. 1980. Corrupt TV evangelist Jimmy Vue is selling the end of the world but gets more than he bargained for in A Vue To A Satanic Panic.

Dead Good also announced that it is releasing two “digital-first” OCTOBRIANA titles:

  • OCTOBRIANA: FILLING IN THE BLANKS – REDUX EDITION by Stu Taylor, Dave Roberts and Sofie Dodgson. A reprint of the 1997/98 mini, this five-part series begins in February 2021, with each digital issue priced at $1.50, and the final issue including new material.
  • OCTOBRIANA: THE LIVING SPHINX collects one of the original black and white strips from the 1971 Octobriana and the Russian Underground book. The Living Sphinx of the Kamchatka Radioactive Volcano is presented in a traditional American format comic for the first time. Launching Spring 2021, it features colour work by Pippa Bowland and will be released as a free digital download.

Learn more about OCTOBRIANA WITH LOVE at the official website and store, or follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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