Of Two Minds headed to iOS this year!

Of Two Minds headed to iOS this year!

Burgeon & Flourish, LLC, a company that makes art, theater, and film, has announced that they will be bringing a unique FMV experience, titled Of Two Minds, to iOS. In 1989, director Michael Bergmann (founder of Burgeon & Flourish LLC) shot more than three hours of fiction about the intensity of two psychoanalysts’ love affair. 30 years later, in an inspired collaboration with game designer and composer Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed, the footage has been adapted into this nonlinear narrative game. Of Two Minds places players in the mindset of a psychoanalyst, diving into the psyche of a network of people in the gritty but vibrant New York of the late 80s.


  • Enjoy more than three hours of footage not only set but recorded in the 1980s. All the video footage was actually recorded in 1989 with professional actors.
  • Analyze the characters. Associate the feelings and ideas evoked by every clip to unlock new content.
  • Experience a non-linear narrative. Every player will experience the story in a unique way based on their associations and observations. The story is the same, but how every player fills the gaps in the story will depend on the associations they make while watching the clips.
  • Unveil the psychological motivations behind the characters’ actions. Why does Annie fear the sound of breaking glass? Why does Rex dream about a red blanket? Why does Mel gamble away his summer house? Ultimately, the experience of the story is uniquely yours.

While no definitive launch date has been announced yet, Burgeon & Flourish LLC have confirmed that Of Two Minds is set to launch in Q1 of 2023.

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