Official HITMAN 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer has been revealed

Official HITMAN 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer has been revealed

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Entertainment have revealed the Official Gameplay HITMAN 2 Launch Trailer to commemorate the release of their ultimate stealth-action game on November 14th.

Hitman 2 contains a brand new playground for Agent 47, world’s most lethal mercenary, along with 6 new and dynamic maps to explore and brand new multiplayer modes in Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode. On top of that there will be a large amount of improvements and upgrades that will elevate the assassin-sandbox experience to a whole new level.

A while ago, fans got the opportunity to vote for a unique object for the first Elusive Target-mission in Hitman 2. Out of the Flash Grenade Robot, Earphone Garotte and Explosive Pen, the latter came out victorious and will be available in Elusive Target No. 1 Starring Sean Bean. Players will be able to unlock an achievement called “Explosive Penmanship” and add the Explosive Pen to their inventory once the mission goes live on November 20th.

Elusive Target-missions are unique contracts that are free-to-play for all players. You will get only one chance to take out your target, and if you fail to succeed, you will not be able to play that contract. As soon as Elusive Target No. 1 will be available, Mark Faba (played by Sean Bean) will have to be stopped before he can use his expertise in surveillance, infiltration and destruction to commit an assassination during the Global Innovation Racing-event in Miami.

Hitman 2 introduces two new game modes met Sniper Assassin-mode, which for the first time ever adds a co-op experience to the Hitman franchise, and a unique and brand new look on 1-v-1 competition with Ghost Mode. Sniper Assassin-mode is now available as early access bonus  for players who pre-order the game.

HITMAN 2 will be available for Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Pro, Xbox One-consoles including Xbox One X, and PC on November 14th 2018. Also available now is the pre-order bonus with the Gold Edition and the Collector’s Edition.

Watch the trailer below.

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