Okhlos gets an update and even a new name

Okhlos gets an update and even a new name

Sometimes, it is good to change some things and add some new elements. Coffee Powered Machine and Devolver Digital have released a big update for their game Ohklos, even taking this opportunity to rename it to Ohklos: Omega. With this new elements, you’ll be able to tackle new enemies and you can choose between 30 new heroes. If that isn’t enough, you can also customize your mob and lead them to glory.

The Okhlos community is small but enthusiastic and our team has worked tirelessly since launch to refine the game based on their feedbackOur hope is that a whole new segment of gamers find Okhlos Omega and share the joy that our fans have found in the game through all the new additions and polish.”

Coffee Powered Machine artist Roque Rey.



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