Old-School RPG Vendir: Plague Of Lies Out Now!

Old-School RPG Vendir: Plague Of Lies Out Now!

Thunderful and Early morning Studio are announcing the release of their game Vendir: Plague of Lies. The game is now available on iOS and Android, with PC and consoles to follow later this year. The developers are proud to deliver a new RPG with tactical turn-based combat, a cast of interactive and fascinating characters, with a deep expansive world. Vendir is filled with all kinds of stories for you to explore and discover. You’ll be thrown into a traditional RPG format with a group of compelling characters for you to recruit and use in party-based turn-based tactical battles. Each of these characters has its own story to add to the game, while also possessing unique combat skills and conversational options.

In the world of Vendir, Tyrannical King Elrik rules with an iron fist with lots of harsh and cruel torturous punishments against the inhabitants of the once-great kingdom of Vendir. This was brought about after discovering an ancient prophecy promising the end of his Tyranny. Two siblings have to cross the kingdom from one end to the other to challenge the truth of a kingdom drowning in a plague of lies.

Explore an intricately crafted world with deep lore and history, brought to life through its carefully crafted atmosphere and the lives of the people that live there. This is a world where your actions and decisions have weighty consequences.

This is all made by a studio with a passion for old-school RPG combat, conversations, and crafting. Using their experience from creating titles such as Vampire Fall Origins and Champions of Avan, they hope this to be their biggest and best title yet created so far! CEO and cofounder of Early Morning Studios Emir Kuljanin said:

“I’m really excited for players to begin exploring the game today and discover for themselves why we say this is a game where your choices, in everything from combat to conversation, really matter.”

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