Old School RuneScape released on Steam

Old School RuneScape released on Steam

Today, The classic Old School RuneScape, that released eight years ago from this day, was released on Steam. Players can link their existing RuneScape account with their Steam account to carry on playing RuneScape across Steam, PC and Mac desktop client and the mobile editions for Android and iOS.

Old School RuneScape’s anniversary is now being celebrated by an in-game event that rewards players with the new banana cape cosmetic. Existing Old School’s players are now gathering in Lumbridge to welcome new players that arrive via Steam in a massive meet-and-greet and a community playthrough of the eight birthday event.

A new blog called the This is Old School RuneScape Blog has been published on its Steam Hub that offers a useful walkthrough for those who aren’t yet familiar with the world of Gielinor. Today’s launch will also be accompanied by a special livestream from 4.30pm – 7.30pm GMT. You can check out this livestream on Twitch by clicking here.

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