Old School Runescape’s God Wars Dungeon concluded after 11 years

Old School Runescape’s God Wars Dungeon concluded after 11 years

With the arrival of the fifth and final general Nex, the eleven year old God of Wars Dungeon storyline will finally get its conclusion. This infamous boss was released in January of 2011. With this ancient adversary, Old School Runescape presents players with a whole new encounter.

The long-awaited player-vs-monster expansion features battles in groups of up to eighty players. Only the best players can challenge themselves to take on Nex in smaller groups. Like all new content introduced to Old School Runescape, it had to be backed by 75% of the community and it did so with an approval rate of over 90% for this boss.

The Ancient Prison below the God Wars Dungeon, where General Nex dwells, can only be accessed by those who have completed the Desert Treasure quest and a miniquest to unlock the Frozen Door. This Frozen Door has been there all this time and has never opened before, until now. When entering, you’ll have to cut through a formidable army before you will reach Nex herself. Eventually, defeating Nex can grant you some valuable rewards, including the Ancient Godsword, the Zaryte crossbow, the iconic Torva armour set, and more. The better you perform, the more loot you will gather here. The recommended level requirements are level 70 in the Ranged, Strength, Agility and Hitpoints skills.

You can watch the newest trailer for the Fifth General below this page.

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