Old-School Survival Horror Game ‘JANITOR BLEEDS’ Confirmed for release in 2022!


Imagine the movie The Ring, now imagine the same concept but this time it’s an arcade game. Got the chills yet?

Today, Bonus Stage Publishing and Korpus are horrified to announce that JANITOR BLEEDS will be launching on PC and consoles in early 2022! JANITOR BLEEDS is a creepy survival horror game, inspired by video games and arcade halls of the 90s.

The visual representation of the game brings nostalgic vibes of old-school games from the PlayStation 1 era but with respect for our modern standards. The game will let players investigate the arcade and solve puzzles in order to proceed further into the game. JANITOR’s horrors will bleed into the real world and create a horrifying and exciting world to solve mysteries to the point where real and unreal are hard to distinguish.

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