Omega Labyrinth life launched today

Omega Labyrinth life launched today

Today, D3 Publisher has announced that Omega Labyrinth Life on Nintendo Switch has launched today. A toned-down version of this game has also launched for PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch version will be an uncensored version while the PlayStation 4 version will be toned down with smaller cleavages, less partial nudity and such.

Omega Labyrinth Life is a roguelike dungeon RPG game with turn-based combat and powers that come from the size of each maiden’s breasts. The bigger, the stronger is a rule in this game. Don’t be afraid because even those with smaller breasts can grow out to have huge ones (thus increased power).

The story unfolds at the Belles Fleurs Academy, a big school with a beautiful floral garden that holds a sacred flower of legend known as “Flora” which radiates a mysterious power that could grant an everlasting bloom effect to the rest of the flowers in the garden. Suddenly, the flowers will begin to wither away when a new maiden called Hinata Akatsuki transfers to the academy. Hinata and the rest of the maidens go on an adventure to explore a sacred dungeon in the hope to revive the garden’s flora and fulfilling their own hopes and dreams at Belles Fleurs Academy.

A launch trailer has been released commemorating the release of both versions. You can check it out below to see how the power of breast size can determine the outcome of battles.

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