Omega Labyrinth Life – Review
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Developer: Matrix Software
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Platforms: PS4, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Omega Labyrinth Life – Review

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Good: The graphics have been really thought through so it's impossible to notice flaws in the alteration of the bust sizes anywhere
Bad: The big amount of vulgar content almost overshadows the actual RPG gameplay
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Japanese manga and anime are typically filled with a lot of fanservice. When you combine anime with videogames they usually have fanservice too and you either love or hate it. Some games bring this to the extreme with a lot of partial nudity. Well, Omega Labyrinth Life is one of these games that takes it to the extreme and more, because you won’t only see a lot of breasts and almost naked women, you can also interact with them in this one. All of this combined with a withering flower garden and turn-based dungeons this makes for a fun but also an awkward type of game.


The story of Omega Labyrinth Life is set on the Belles Fleurs Academy. This female-only academy is known for its impressive flower garden. It is said that a flower, the Holy Blossom keeps the flowers in this garden in everlasting bloom. The game’s main protagonist, Hinata Akatsuki is a nice girl that gets transferred to the Belles Fleurs Academy as the first exchange student ever. She is indeed impressed by the beautiful garden. A day after Hinata has arrived at the academy, the whole garden has withered, including the Holy Blossom. The other students immediately think Hinata has something to do with this, but as you progress in the game, she’ll win them over with her kindness and charm. She feels obligated to help restore the garden to its former beauty so she does everything in her power to help.

The story progresses with a lot of conversations between all the students at the school. When you’re done talking, you need to enter dungeons to save the garden. Inside dungeons, the students will talk as they’re walking together while you are only inside the dungeon with two of the girls you’ve chosen to enter it. Each new dungeon will progress the story after you’ve completed it.


The graphics of Labyrinth Life are in one word, great, with a typical anime style and with a lot of fanservice. The developers definitely put a lot of work in designing the characters and all of the interactions. It’s common knowledge that most girls in an anime have a big bust. This game takes it up a notch as the bust of the girls in Omega Labyrinth can grow in a dungeon. They definitely put a lot of work in this because when a girl’s breasts grow, they will change everywhere you can see them. The breasts of these girls will change on the status screen where you can see their stats, when they’re in conversations or taking a relaxing dip in a spa while inside a dungeon. Another fact that proves their dedication to breasts is that you can interact with these girls’ breasts everywhere. When they’re on the screen, you can touch the busts of these girls, and they will bounce. There’s even a function that will let conversations run automatically so you can focus on playing with the girls’ breasts while they’re talking. Their facial expressions will also change when you touch them, indicating that they are noticing your touching.


It’s very clear that the developers have put a lot of effort into the whole sound aspect of the game. Every conversation is fully voiced, may it be in Japanese, but everything in conversations is subtitled so you can read what they’re saying. Sometimes, it feels they’ve overused voices in this game. Especially when you are upgrading the skills of each character in Skill Blooming. While doing this, they will be screaming a lot to let you know it feels good. That’s definitely not one of the things you would want to do in a crowded bus or train with the volume up, or you’ll get a lot of turned heads. You’ll also hear a lot of exaggerated moaning when they’re talking or when you’re touching them. So it’s not really a game that can be played everywhere with the sound on without getting some attention from your surroundings.


Omega Labyrinth Life is an RPG dungeon crawler. The dungeons look exactly like the dungeons in the Mystery Dungeon spin-off games of Pokémon. The most important aspects have been used to make the dungeon crawling in Omega Labyrinth Life just as good. With a team of two girls, you’ll need to traverse the dungeons on your path to continue the story. At the end of some dungeons, there will be a boss waiting for you. When you have defeated him, you’ve cleared the dungeon. Outside of the dungeon, you’ll need to manage the garden, planting seeds, watering them and when they’ve bloomed, harvest them to collect flowers, more seeds, and other goodies. Inside the dungeons, you can find item shops, merchants and a spa. This spa will let you see the leader of your team taking a dip in a spa, naked. When you’ve had enough of this picture, you can leave it and you’ll get healed, your equipment will be freed from curses and you’ll get an effect cast onto you. The picture in the spa depends on which girl you choose to enter it.

As Hinata makes friends around the academy, you’ll get more girls to take with you on a dungeon exploration. With a total of seven girls to choose from, the character roster is quite diverse. Inside of these dungeons, you’ll need to use equipment to upgrade your attack and defense. The girls can use a weapon and a shield as their fighting equipment. As their armor, they’ll use a bra and panties, because they also offer a lot of resistance in real life of course. Each equipment item has its own properties like an increased critical hit, more or less accuracy, hitting multiple targets and so on. You can combine a weapon and a shield to receive additional effects if they form a set, the same goes for the bra and panties. These set bonuses will grant you some extra strength, defense or other additional effects that come in handy.

For starters, at the character screens of each girl, their cup size is mentioned, with a reason. Inside the dungeons, by gathering Omega Power the leader’s breasts will grow. Hinata will start with a C cup. The lower the cup, the faster they will grow in the beginning. They will keep getting bigger, and at some cups, will change form a bit, growing a lot bigger than before. The bigger their breasts get, the more powerful they become. Certain cups will unlock special abilities for a moment. When you’ve reached the L cup with one of the girls, they will enter Hyper L mode. Their whole body will grow for a certain amount of steps, and they will be very powerful in this mode. After you’ve walked a distance, the girl will return to normal size. When reaching the Z cup, the girls will enter Z bust mode. This will increase their stats a lot and they will get one use of the skill, Hyper Omega Slash, a very powerful skill. After some progress into the story, you can also use two fairies to explore dungeons. These fairies can’t use any equipment, but they will gather much more Omega Power than the normal characters you can explore with. Their bust size won’t increase as well and they can’t explore dungeons you haven’t explored yet.

If you’ve acquired a TFT Petal while inside the dungeon, you get to play a round of Tit For Tat (Rock, Paper, Scissors) to increase the rewards of your dungeon exploration. This involves the use of your leader’s breasts and the breasts of the fairy that resides in that area. By moving the breasts in a specific way, you’ll choose to use rock, paper or scissors. When you win, your rewards will be increased by five times, with a tie times three and if you lose, you’ll still get a times two reward.

After a while, you’ll unlock Skill Blooming. This is used to acquire skills and increase their effects. But this is one of the most vulgar things in this game. Each girl has four levels of Skill Blooming you can perform. In Skill Blooming, the girl you choose is going to be posing for you on the screen. It’s your task to let them feel good. Each heart will give a specific amount of power to let the girl reach her climax. When you’ve reached the end, all the power will be concentrated in the tattoo that has appeared on their arms or legs. When you press it, something will activate and remove most of their clothing, leaving them naked with some steam or tears of clothing covering their intimate parts. At this point, you need to go mad as hell and touch them as much as you can on their sensitive parts (mostly their breasts) to acquire hearts that will increase that Skill Bloom’s level. When this part is over, the last sequence will begin, requiring you to feel her up again as much as you can. If you’ve done this well, she will squirt all over the screen. The released fluids will then be collected and can be used to water the flowers in the garden.

Then, the last vulgar thing in this game is appraising items that involves the use of the chest of one of the girls. This is called Size Up. You can choose up to ten unidentified items to ‘Size Up’. After you’ve chosen which items you want to identify and you’ve chosen the girl of your liking, it will start by showing the chest area of that specific girl. A dildo-like item will appear between the breast of the girl. Then, it’s up to you to titty-fuck this item to let it grow. When it has grown to the maximum, it will turn white and start to glow and you’re finished. This is all accompanied by a lot of sexual moaning performed by the girl. When done, you’ll get to see which items you’ve acquired by doing so.


Omega labyrinth Life is a great dungeon exploration game with a huge amount of fanservice. Everywhere you look, you’ll see tits, and you can touch them too with the great use of the Switch’s touchscreen! The amount of vulgar content almost overshadows the normal gameplay. The dungeon exploration is done great with a range of various skills to use in the dungeons and a lot of equipment to choose from. The story is also good, may it be a bit over-exaggerated with the girlish squeals and screams whenever something cute or bad happens. The ability to touch the girls wherever you can be thought of as fun by many, but certainly not by everyone. If you’re looking for a serious dungeon crawler, you may be better of letting this one go, but if you’re interested in the art of anime, and the amount of fanservice inside this game, you’ll definitely love this game as it offers all of this combined with a great dungeon crawler.

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Omega Labyrinth Life - Review, 9.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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