Omensight: Definitive Edition – Review
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Developer: Spearhead Games
Publisher: Spearhead Games
Platforms: PC, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Omensight: Definitive Edition – Review

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Urralia, a world filled with a lot of different tribes and peace had prospered throughout the years. Seven years ago, tribes were joining together, forming alliances and the other tribes began to suffer. A war broke out between the two biggest alliances, the Pygarians and the Rodentians. No one knew this day would mean the end of days. The Harbinger is sent to prevent this from happening. With the power of time, will you help the Harbinger solve this mysterious murder and prevent the world’s demise?


Omensight is a very story-driven game. The land of Omensight, Urralia, is home to many tribes and for a time they’ve lived in peace under the Pygarian empire. But when the Pygarians began recruiting the dog and cat tribes, the Rodentian and bear tribes were suffering. They forged an alliance under the leadership of a rebel called Ratika. Now, there’s an ongoing war and on this faithful day the Pygarian empire is launching its final assault against the Rodentians.

You will play as the Harbinger, a powerful mystical warrior and you’ve seen the end of the world. It’s your task to prevent this by solving a mysterious murder on the Godless-priestess. You will do this by replaying the day of the apocalypse. By meeting corpses while replaying this day, you’ll create a bond with the soul of this dead person. With this, you’ll get the chance to relive the last day at their side. You will first accompany them on what they actually did on this last day. After you get a bit further into the game by reliving multiple days, you’ll get an Omensight that shows you an event that happened that’s important to solving the mystery. You can show this Omensight to the people you’re reliving the day with so they’ll see what will happen in the near future. This will completely change the way a companion will behave and thus it will alter the complete timeline. You can’t communicate with them so you can’t explain your side of the story so these persons will interpret these Omensights differently. These Omensights will change the activities done by you and the person you’re accompanying and this will help you solve the mystery step by step.


Omensight is definitely a pretty face to look at. The Harbinger in particular looks very good. It seems that the Harbinger’s appearance changes with his growth in level. He gets more armor and will look more like a strong warrior with each upgrade. The acrobatic combat moves of the harbinger seem perfectly executed and they just look awesome. The colors used in this game give the game a beautiful appearance.


The game is filled with oriental music. A shamisen and Japanese flutes are definitely used a lot for this game’s music. This gives the game a more calm feeling when not in combat. It also fits the setting as you can see that the world is mostly based on the Japanese culture. All the conversations between the characters in-game are fully voiced, even the army of soldiers shouting their war cries. This makes the story a lot easier and more fun to follow.


Omensight: Definitive edition is a collaboration between a detective game and the RPG genre. The goal in this game is to find out how the Godless-priestess was murdered. Solving this murder mystery will lead to a solution to the apocalypse. You as the Harbinger, get the task to prevent the end from happening. By fighting your way through enemies and discovering more events alongside the companions, you’ll unravel more answers to the questions in this mystery.

After the first end of the world has passed, you will emerge at a strange place with the Tree of Life. This tree has the power to send you back in time, over and over again. Before you go back, you can increase your level and improve your combat skills here. There’s an investigation orb that shows you all the clues you’ve already found to unravel the mystery of the murder of the Godless-Priestess. Based on this information you’ll need to start the day again with another companion and unravel more information about the murder by joining one of the companions you’ve forged a soul-bond with to solve this mystery.

The combat of Omensight is like a hack and slash game. You can use light and heavy attacks in combination with good-timed dodges to pulverize your enemies. As you gain experience and amber you can invest the experience to increase your level to unlock more skills and improvements. The new skills and skill-improvements can be bought by using amber found in each playthrough. Little by little, the harbinger will grow stronger and will have more destructive abilities to kill your enemies. The combat is easy to handle after some practice and can be a lot of fun.

The armor of the harbinger will change with each unlocked skill. In time you can use skills like phantom blast that shoots damaging orbs at enemies, Delay of Fate to slow time around you and even a skill called Lethal Flurry that will instantly kill multiple nearby enemies.

The investigation orb will show you all the clues you’ve discovered that are linked to each companion. Eventually, there will be 4 companions you can join on their journey on this last fateful day. All these companion have their own special skills that you can call upon when in need of help. These can be quite destructive as well. By discovering more info with each companion a timeline will be filled with events in chronological order. You will have solved the mystery if you’ve filled this whole timeline with all the answers as these will lead to a certain conclusion.

When you’ve joined a companion, you will accompany them on their journey on the last day of the apocalypse. You will learn opening seals of a specific faction by seeing them being opened in action. After you’ve learned opening these, you can reach more hidden places that will also lead to more clues. There are 3 different seals that can be opened in time. Joining multiple companions will lead to you learning to open all these seals. These seals will also lead to treasures chests filled with amber. So when you’ve found a seal, make sure you open it if you can. You will also find memories behind these seals. These add more interesting lore to the game. Interesting for those who want to know as much as possible about a game and its story.

Each day will end when you’ve reached the point where the world will end. Voden, a horrifying demon will enter the world and purple lava will spout out from the ground ending your trip with your follower. Everyone, but the harbinger, will die and you’ll need to start over again. If you want to relive a day that you’ve already cleared for a part, you can skip to important decisions to quickly change the course of a day without starting all over again. This will save you some time but you’ll miss al the experience and amber that can be gained while reliving those parts of the day so if you want to rack up more experience and amber, it’s best to just start over again.


Omensight: Definitive Edition is a successful collaboration between the detective and the RPG genre. You can fight your way through enemies in style while also solving a murder mystery that causes the end of times. By reliving each day at the side of the four companions, you’ll unravel more pieces to the puzzle in a fun way. You’ll relive the day in different places at different stages of that day and this gives a different feel to each time you enter that place. Omensight delivers a mysterious murder in an interesting world that can keep a lot of people busy for quite some time. If you like solving mysteries while busting your way through many enemies then this game is definitely a game we’d recommend you to try!

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Omensight: Definitive Edition - Review, 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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